Get a lifetime membership at Malad Gymkhana
by choosing any of our three payment methods


₹ 2,95,000
Inclusive of GST
One-off payment

All Credit Cards accepted.

Payment by Cheque/DD needs to be drawn in
favour of Malad Gymkhana Limited.


₹ 6,000/mo

Entire amount payable within 60 months.

This offer is an association with
Citizen Co-Operative Bank.

Application needs to be initiated via the Bank.


A current member is eligible to refer potential member(s)

Refer a friend to win:

A ₹1000 Dinner Voucher at
MGL's Switch Bar & Kitchen

A ₹500 Dinner Voucher at
MGL's Switch Bar & Kitchen

Two Bottles of Wine

Surprise Gift!

Speed up your registration process!
Download the membership form, fill in your details and courier the completed form to Malad Gymkhana


What is the cancellation policy?
There is No Cancelllation of membership.

Do I get access to all the facilities during the EMI period?
Yes, once the membership is approved and member receives the membership card, he has access to all facitlities

Do I get a membership discount if I opt for the Referral System?
No, there is no discount for referral system.

How many new referrals can a current member submit?
There is no limit on the number of referrals, which a current MGL member can make during the period of this promotion

Under the basic offering, can the amount be given in two instalments?
NO. But they can opt for EMI scheme

Is the registration fee the same for children below 10 years?
Children Below 18 cannot become members of MGL.

Join Malad Gymkhana.

You are one step closer to becoming a member of Malad Gymkhana!
Please drop your completed Admission Form at the gymkhana office.
You can download the Admission Form here